SHOOTPAD.IO; The Solution To Rug pulls

Participating in an ICO these days is quite risky for an investor because there are chances of being rug pulled as the downside of decentralization is that anyone can create a token for just a few bucks and launch a presale to later dump the project and leave investors with worthless tokens. This is because the developer was unable to provide liquidity or provided liquidity first and then removed it with something called RUG PULL.

In SHOOTPAD.IO, you can view token pre-sales from various launchpads and graphically view important information about each CryptoAsset pre-sale, including contract audits, developer dox / KYC status, and pre-sale launch countdown.

SHOOTPAD.IO’s advanced pre-sales filtering options, multiple value metrics, dark mode, and some features of pre-sales storage are limited to VIP members who have a balance of $SHOOT tokens in their wallet.

Our unique AI bot automatically detects new pre-sales on various IDO platforms every two hours from supported launchpads and displays them on a single page of the SHOOTPAD.IO platform, which is important for investors. You can focus on the indicators.

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we offer full support of Cardano native tokens, NFT & Metaverse Projects Offering a suite of advanced DeFi tools that will also incentivize and give more utility to Our $SHOOT Token.

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