$Shoot Tokens, It’s Utility Cases and a Deflationary Tokenomics

Introduction to $SHOOT Token, the utility token that will power the SHOOTPAD.IO ecosystem.

$SHOOT is the utility token built on the Cardano Blockchain that will power the SHOOTPAD Ecosystem, $SHOOT Token will be Used as a subscription token to access our IDO Listing platform.

Therefore, $SHOOT will be minted and used in the following cases:


The SHOOTPAD.IO community will be granted the power to approve all Cardano projects submitted on our launchpad by means of governance events. $SHOOT holders can be able to endorse a new cardano IDO project by a voting process which will require staking your $SHOOT tokens in favor of a project.


HOLDERS of $SHOOT tokens will enjoy passive income as they can be able to stake their tokens to FARM ADA or Earn More $SHOOT or Both.

Trading: When listed on an exchange , you can Trade $SHOOT against USDT and ADA.

Access to the Metaverse : Our investors will have access to the best metaverse projects on the cardano ecosystem just by holding Shoot.

Access to Non Fungible Tokens (NFT’s): Our investors will be eligible to access special NFT skins and collectibles in the cardano ecosystem.

Liquidity Mining Program:

Shootpad will be providing sufficient liquidity on DEX after the public sale. However, we will be launching our LP mining program to entertain sustainable trading volume while rewarding liquidity providers in $SHOOT tokens.


You are all witness to the effects Inflation can have on any currency, we are seeing the effect on not just the United States Dollars, but also it’s effect on the world economy and currency at large.

We will apply a deflationary Token administration to ensure that $SHOOT Tokens keep its Top Value at all Times, hence we will be applying a burn technique to fees realized from the use of $SHOOT Tokens.


There will be a 10% Transaction fee on $SHOOT Tokens.

Out of the 10% (Ten Percent), 7% (Seven Percent) will go to Stakers as Reward
3% (Three Percent ) will be burned eternally.

Shoot Token Information

$SHOOT is a Cardano Native token deployed on the Cardano Network.

Token Type: Cardano Native Token

Token Name: SHOOT

Token Ticker: $SHOOT

Total Supply: 380,000,000 $SHOOT Tokens.

Token Distribution

Seed Sale — 20% (76,000,000)

Private Sale — 15% (57,000,000 )

ISPO — 8% ( 30,400,000)

Team — 20% (76,000,000)

Staking / Yield Farming & Governance — 20% (76,000,000)

Locked Ecosystem Reserve — 5% (19,000,000)

Marketing — 5% (19,000,000)

Liquidity — 7% (26,600,000).

How to get $SHOOT

SHOOT token will first become available to initial investors through various fundraising phases that will be coming up soon.

The Next Step For SHOOT Token?

The next step after our sale rounds are completed is to get prepared for being listed on Exchanges.


SHOOTPAD.IO will provide a safe platform for any user to research, manage, and quantify their current and future IDO (Initial Dex Offerings).

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