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DATE : 6th May, 2022

⏰ TIME : 12:00 PM UTC

VENUE : Shootpad’s official telegram community:

GUEST: Mrs Verdad Mason, Shootpad Team Representative.


Verdad: Hello Shoot community

Greetings to you all

My name is Mrs Verdad

I’m pleased to be here to answer all questions from you all, highly esteemed investors.


D P:

Please introduce yourself and give an

insight about what Shootpad is all about?

Why you choose this name?

Verdad: My Name is Mrs Verdad Mason I’m the Shootpad Team representative for the cardano based Launchpad , Shootpad.

l Shootpad is a decentralized multi chain IDO launchpad built on the Cardano blockchain.

It is designed to provide infinite wealth for shoot holders.

We derived the name Shootpad from our believe that the project it’s going to shoot to the moon.


How did you get into crypto?

Verdad: I basically worked extensively in blockchain technology consulting, and I realized that one of the best things and probably the primary thing that this technology started with was to support financial independence and that’s where crypto comes into the picture. I felt that it could be the key to financial freedom for everyone. One true project like Shootpad can change lots of people’s fates. I came here not only to change things for myself but also for investors who trust the project.

Pioneer :

What are the benefit of holding shoot token ?


$SHOOT is the utility token built on the Cardano Blockchain that will power the SHOOTPAD Ecosystem, $SHOOT Token will be Used as a subscription token to access our IDO Listing platform.

Therefore, $SHOOT will be minted and used in the following cases:


The SHOOTPAD.IO community will be granted the power to approve all Cardano projects submitted on our launchpad by means of governance events. $SHOOT holders can be able to endorse a new cardano IDO project by a voting process which will require staking your $SHOOT tokens in favor of a project.

Staking :

HOLDERS of $SHOOT tokens will enjoy passive income as they can be able to stake their tokens to FARM ADA or Earn More $SHOOT or Both.


When listed on an exchange , you can Trade $SHOOT against USDT and ADA.

Access to Non Fungible Tokens (NFT’s):

Our investors will be eligible to access special NFT skins and collectibles in the cardano ecosystem.

Liquidity Mining Program:

Shootpad will be providing sufficient liquidity on DEX after the ISPO sale. However, we will be launching our LP mining program to entertain sustainable trading volume while rewarding liquidity providers in $SHOOT tokens

Clearance Owen: Hello, does the team have any intention of reviewing themselves anytime soon ?

Verdad: The team will be revealed once they develop a working mainnet

Evely: What’s the latest developments about

products & services of Shootpad?

Verdad: So far, the development of the project has been a huge success, right from Shootpad’s conception till date . We have concluded our Seed sale , launched our Shootpad’s Launchpad and Staking Demo and we await the Private sale commencing in no distant time

Abidihakan: Can you let us know about competitive advantages does Shootpad have over other projects?

Verdad: Frankly there are lots of launching Pad in the market and most of them are following the old bureaucratic ways. We designed our project such a way that all investors can participate, and we will give a right to our community to determine the potential and safe project in our launchpad.

More so our tokenomics is great and will aid in maintaining our Token value at all time.

Qiang Yan: please when is the listing going to take place ?

Verdad: Listing will commence after the ISPO

CP: Can you tell us about upcoming events

of roadmap of Shootpad?

Verdad: Our private sale is upcoming as mentioned prior to now with our ISPO sale afterwards.

Development of our Launchpad and wallet is being worked on.

We are already working towards getting listed on exchanges too

Qiang Yan: I wanted to know also when the next sale is coming up ?

Verdad: The private sale will be commencing in few days.

It will be announced duly by the moderator.

Dp: What is the plan to ensure sufficient liquidity on exchanges to fill market orders, especially as adoption increases and clients begin multiplying year-over-year for your project?

Verdad: we are allocating a huge portion of the funds to be raised, to marketing partnerships with leading brands and blogs. This is to ensure maximum reach of marketing campaigns of innovative Shootpad products, geared towards the shootpad brand gaining the top position as the leading Cardano Launchpad.

We will also apply a deflationary Token administration to ensure that $SHOOT Token keeps its Top Value at all Times, hence we will be applying a burn technique to fees realized from the use of $SHOOT Tokens.

These measures above will help to keep the price going and under control for long term.

Lexi: Hello Mrs Verdad

We are happy to have you here

I think the team aren’t doing much with respect to marketing

I suggest they push further on that’s aspect

Just an advise though

Verdad : Thanks Lexi for the advice.

It will be communicated to the team.

Qaing Yan:

Can you share some information about the tokenomics ?

You can have a look at our tokenomics here

Ming: Please where can I buy your token?

Verdad: Tokens can be purchased once we commence our private sale @

Qaing Yan: Most launchpad platforms apply a tier system that could help in conducting fair distributions among each participant of IDO events. For Shootpad, will your launchpad have a tier / leveling system ?

Can you please discuss with us how your tier system works ?

Verdad: Yes we have a tier allocation.

The Tier allocation structure are as stated below :


200,000 $SHOOT Tokens

Pool Weight: 1X


500,000 $SHOOT Tokens

Pool Weight: 2X


1,000,0000 $SHOOT Tokens

Pool Weight: 3X


2,000,0000 $SHOOT Tokens

Pool Weight: 4X

Dp: In order for a project to be launched in Shootpad, what conditions and characteristics must be met? Does the project have to pass KYC and complete an audit before being accepted for launch on the launchpads?

Verdad: We will give right to our community to determine the potential and safe project in our launchpad beside this we will verify the team, project, partners, capital, objective, and other important things. And yes, every project needs to pass the KYC and have good audit security score as it is very important.

Debie: What is the plan to ensure sufficient liquidity on exchanges to fill market orders, especially as adoption increases and clients begin multiplying year-over-year for your project?

Verdad: Hello Debie

This has been attended to

Shootpad Telegram Moderator:

We have come to the end of our Internal AMA.

Thanks guys for your support so far.

The winner for our reward will be announced soon and rewarded accordingly.

Let’s sit tight and await the Private sale coming up soon.

We want to announce that The winner of our AMA Reward of 5000 $SHOOT Token is Qaing Yan and her wallet has been credited with her reward. Congratulations.


Shootpad is a decentralized accelerator and incubation platform connecting early stage innovators and projects with our community of investors.

Official links:

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